Applicable to a Manager, Supervisor, Foreman, or Lead position in any industry leading workers with a common purpose. When a crew is formed to tackle a particular job, one person is appointed the leader. This person is usually can be an experienced craftworker or any employee who has demonstrated leadership qualities. To become an effective leader, it helps if a trainee has natural leadership qualities, but there are specific job skills that each Leader must learn in order to do the job well. This training will teach the skills needed to be an effective leader, including the ability to communicate effectively, provide direction to a group of employees and effectively plan and schedule the work for a project.


  • NCCER FUNDAMENTALS OF CREW TRAINING (Pre-requisite for Supervision)

  • NCCER PROJECT SUPERVISION (Pre-requisite for Management)




  • Introduction
    • Need for Training
    • Understanding Your Employees
    • Impact of Technology
    • Communication Styles of Men and Women
    • Cultural Differences
    • Division of Responsibility

  • Leadership Skills
    • Becoming a Leader
    • Leadership Traits, Styles and Functions
    • Expected Leadership Behavior
    • Effective Written and Verbal Communication: Appropriate Usage
    • Motivating Employees
    • Sexual Harassment Issues
    • Problem-solving vs. Decision-making
    • Team Building

  • Safety
    • Costs of Accidents: Insured vs. Uninsured
    • Safety Regulations/Inspections/Violations
    • Safety Program: Policies & Procedures
    • Hazard Identification & Assessment
    • Safety Information & Training
    • Motivating Employees
    • Addressing Sexual Harassment Issues
    • Addressing Substance Abuse Issues
    • First Aid/Fire Protection & Prevention/ Job-related Accident Investigations
    • Promoting Safety

  •  Project Control
    • Development, Planning and Construction Phase
    • Project Delivery Systems
    • Cost Estimating & Budgeting
    • Pre-Construction & Construction Planning
    • The Planning Process: Resources/Safety/Materials/Site/Equipment/Tools/Labor
    • The Scheduling Process: Types of Schedules
    • Cost Control: Resources/Safety/Materials/Site/Equipment/Tools/Labor
    • Production & Productivity

Duration: 2 Weeks         Days: Saturdays       Time: 9:00am - 2:00pm


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MD4U Training Center

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