SIGNAL PERSON: Focuses on performing proper hand signals for mobile crane and tower crane operations without hesitation. Trainees will learn crane operations and rigging fundamentals with emphasis on load handling. Wind, load, and boom deflection, swing rate, and how those thing impact safe lifting operations will also be covered.

BASIC RIGGER: Introduces the uses of slings and common rigging hardware. Trainees will learn basic inspection techniques, hitch configurations, and load-handling safety practices, as well as how to use American Society of Mechanical Engineers hand signals.

INTERMEDIATE RIGGER: Provides an overview of personnel lifting and lift planning, and introduces crane load charts and load balancing. It explains how the center of gravity is calculated and affects the lift. It also covers sling selection, and explains the uses of jacks, tuggers, hoists, skids, and rollers.

ADVANCED RIGGER:  Specializes in rigging techniques and equipment. Load dynamics are explained. The use of specialized equipment including cribbing, slings, and beams are described.